4 - 16 years old
We teach to think faster, to analyze better, to react more efficiently!

Academy of Intellectual Development AMAKids™ is one of a few companies worldwide that teaches children how to Study.

Based on the combination of ancient learning techniques with modern data delivery and information processing methods, AMAKids™ gives your child a lifelong tool that allows to select, process and retain the ever-growing tide of information independent of its complexity.

The method allows children from kindergarten age to develop solid lasting study skills, creative and critical thinking that exponentially increase the effectiveness of learning.

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Mental Arithmetic

This program uses visual (eyes), auditory (ears), tactile (hands) and kinesthetic (motor memory) abilities of the Child to perform mental calculations of increasing complexity. Multisensory coordination enhances memory, improves concentration and builds the Child’s confidence and focus in school and beyond. The combination of fun-filled in-class participation with straightforward homework ensures quick results and retention of achieved skills.

Age – 4 years and above.


This program is aimed to strengthen and expand brain activity and creative thinking of the Child by improving the working and long-term memory via developing visualization skills, teaching how to establish association patterns and creating mind maps.

Age - 6 and above


This is a speed-reading program aimed not only to increase the pace of reading, but to improve comprehension and processing of the read materials.

Age – 7 and above.

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In 1.5 months your child can count
faster than a calculator
General Advantages of Mental Arithmetic™
(and other programs)
Features of the AMAKids methods
Modern online platform
Boring homework turns into real entertainment. The child will enjoy the vivid 3D animations, cartoons and interesting quests.
Results of our training
Developed creative and logical thinking, ability to focus your attention, improved memory, ability to perceive and process any information at a high speed

After 6 years of being taught and thousands of content students, the program has proven that it:

  • Eliminates “Math phobia”;
  • Cultivates a “sense for numbers”;
  • Fosters insight of the relationship between numbers and quantities;
  • Improves concentration;
  • Inspires interest in Math;
  • Builds self-confidence;
  • Expands memory;
  • Stimulates both sides of the brain.
Requirements for training

The requirements for attending the training are simple: the child must know numbers from 1 to 10 and be ready to train everyday at home for 15 minutes. Age from 4 to 16 years old.

Already in the first lesson, children learn to use not only the physical abacus but also a mental abacust too. A certain pattern of finger movements develop fine motor skills and allows you to count in your mind much faster and without errors:

  • students perform addition, subtraction,multiplication and division on the abacus
  • forms associations between numbers and pictures, trains visual perception
  • increases speed of processing information, easily operate with multi-digit numbers
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